As business travel goes, group meetings are complicated affairs and require special procedures to execute properly. Over the years, we have worked with our pharmaceutical advertising clients to develop a process that ensures that these events go off without a hitch. In short, we work hard so you don’t have to. Here’s what we do:

1. Advance Prep: In preparation for a trip, we populate our computer system with information that you supply us about each doctor attending. Entering this data in advance allows us to minimize the time we spend on the phone with busy doctors.

2. Call Doctors: We contact the doctors to arrange their travel including flight, hotel and ground transportation. We don’t wait for them to call us.

3. Updates and Warnings: As reservations are made; we forward this information on to you. Additionally, we keep you aware of which doctors we have not been able to contact so we can discuss another means of reaching them.

4. Arrival and Departure Manifests: As the travel date approaches, we supply you a complete manifest that includes:

a) A list of every doctor attending the meeting
b) Flight departure details for each doctor (time, city, airport and flight     number)
c) Flight arrival details for each doctor (time, airport and flight number)

5. Monitoring of Departures: We make sure that each doctor checks-in and that his or her plane gets off the ground. We forward information about delays and no-shows to you.

6. Rescheduling: If a doctor’s flight is canceled or missed we will contact him or her directly to arrange an alternate flight. We will also take care of rescheduling ground transportation.

7. Reports: At the conclusion of the event, we provide you with a complete report that breaks down attendance and cost information in any format that you choose.
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